Growing Your Portfolio

GTI is a commodities brokerage that is committed to becoming a leading provider of precious gemstones in the global market. Our GTI specialists work with our clients to diversify their financial portfolios through the acquisition of precious gemstones.

The GTI approach is to educate our clients with the history and knowledge of their portfolio acquisition within the marketplace. As a tangible asset, precious gemstones are an integral addition to a successful financial portfolio. We always keep clients informed on their holdings with reporting new developments in the world of precious gemstones as part of the continuing client education process.

Through GTI’s guidance, expertise and long standing trade relationship, our clients receive the highest quality product at aggressive market pricing. We always have a third party certification for all acquisitions and guarantee the soundness of all purchases. GTI is dedicated in sharing the world of precious gemstones with our clients.

Why Choose Colored Diamonds

Where and How to Buy Colored Diamonds

Buying Colored Diamonds

Where to Buy Natural Colored Diamonds
Bids from mine tenders
Buying directly from cutters
Buying through diamond exchanges

How to Buy Natural Colored Diamonds
Access to a wide variety
Market intelligence & negotiation strategy
Avoid unethical trade practices
Protection against countereiting with certification

Different Ways to Sell Colored Diamonds

Buying Colored Diamonds

Realizes the maximum value & capitalizes on the emotional value

Private Sales
Requires a network of clients and GTI investors

Through the Trade
Selling through diamond exchanges or organizations including NCDIA
Useful when an investor wants an immediate exit

Why People Are Adding Colored Diamonds to Their Portfolio.

Many financial advisors recommend that investors place 10 to 20 % of their investments in tangible assets as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Along with precious metals, rare art and antiques, natural colored diamonds are a mid to long term investment. Why natural colored diamonds? Natural colored diamonds make up only 0.1% of the global supply of diamonds, making them extremely rare. As the worlds most concentrated form of wealth, naturally colored diamonds are drawing in investors who are looking to diversity their portfolio with hard assets. In the last 20 years, demand for natural colored diamonds have increased significantly and has performed better then many hard asset acquisitions. They are durable, portable, and have an infinite shelf life. As supply is diminishing and demand is increasing, natural colored diamonds will continue to perform well and are breaking records every year.